My attention to this blog was interrupted by a number of events leading up to the commencement of our construction project to turn a muddled ranch style house into a neo-Queen Anne Victorian.  Then, during the Spring of 2012, a storm hit before any of the second floor walls had been framed.  The tarp failed and the first floor and basement were drenched (along with the notes I had for this blog’s “Middle Class” posts).  Fortunately, the exterior envelope was completed before hurricane Sandy hit, in October 2012, and the interior remained dry.  But Sandy put a halt to our project for the rest of the year and well into the Spring of 2013.  I’ve been doing all the interior work, by myself, for the past 18 mos. and hope to be finished in another 6-12 mos.  But I’m hoping to return to Acroteria soon.